Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheerleader and Umpire

Seems like I've missed a lot while traveling and orienting to life as a Prof. at UR. Much thanks to Dave T. for defending the preview to whoever that was who commented as though it was a review.

Greatly enjoyed the Festival of New American Plays at Firehouse last week. "Tiny Bubbles" was hilarious! Kudos to director and cast for a job well done- would mention all names here but of course have recycled program already and have such a poor memory I wish not to offend anyone by butchering the spelling of their name or leaving someone out.

"Pet Shop Days" not such a good play after all but congrats to cast and BC for an entertaining evening. BC looks so hot with those whiskers he has grown for "Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter" I almost forgot myself and the several roadblocks that would keep us from having a torrid love affair. Oh well- that's what fantasies are for anyway, right?

Just to respond to the suggestion that I might be biased in regards to the Firehouse in terms of reviewing shows: I have worked with many theatre people in this town. That allows for insight as I believe another blogger mentioned referring to their time in Austin as a critic (thank you). Anyone who knows me will tell you that there has been no friendship, job opportunity, love, money or other bribe that has kept me from giving my true opinion about a show- performance or otherwise. I am in all senses of the word a cheerleader for local theatre, all local theatre. But I also want us all to go "a little bit up" so I call 'em like I see 'em.

Looking forward to lots of upcoming openings and reviews.MB

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

Thanks for the whiskers comment Mary! (Cat growl) They're gone now, as is the crazy long hair, as they decided for Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter that they wanted clean-shaven and shorter hair (YAY!).

Also thanks for the Congrats on Pet Shop Days. Act II turned out to be rather exciting both nights after a rather slow Act I. But so it goes with new plays often. And having that incredible cast (Jacob Pennington, John Moon, Steve Freitas, Audrey Snyder, Melissa Johnston-Price, and Tony Foley) made it all the better. The three "young actors" in that cast, in particular, (Jacob, Steve, Audrey) I really think are going to go far. I'm thrilled to have gotten to work with them (and a couple of them more than once).

I really appreciate the last sentence of your blog. I think we could really use more of that in the theatre scene here. Thank you.