Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Night in Bangkok

It's a little sad to hear about the death of Bobby Fischer. It's even more sad what happened to him before he died, his protracted decline. He was the inspiration for many great things. Like about a million other people, I learned chess using "Bobby Fischer teaches chess." He made chess cool for a little while. And of course his World Champion match with Boris Spassky was the inspiration for "Chess" the musical, which has at least two great songs. I've never seen a really excellent production of "Chess" ever (sorry Andrew, but I didn't find the Elden Street show that inspiring) but still, "I Know Him So Well" and "One Night..." are highly listenable.

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Andrew Hamm said...

Hey, man, Chess is a hard show to do well, especially for a community theatre. All I know is the Arbiter was great, the band was hot, and I got to play all the cool keyboard parts.