Monday, June 01, 2009

A date and D’Beck

So how about our president taking his lovely wife out for a date and choosing “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” on Broadway? Personally, I’m kind of tickled, but as with any kind of executive action, there are all sorts of other viable reactions. There is the predictable “waste of taxpayer money” reaction. I also wonder if the DC-area theaters feel a little dissed. Couldn’t they just choose a local show? Apparently, the (Tony-award winning) Signature does some good work. Then there’s that cute little venue, the Kennedy Center.

I guess in the big picture, I like the thought that a special date night for the Obamas would include taking in a play. To me, there is all sorts of marketing potential in that for someone, somehow.

I have been told that there is going to be a 30 minute feature about VCU professor and director Patti D’Beck tonight on PBS. I didn't see it listed online so I can't verify this as being actually true but I'll definitely check the Comcast guide when I get home tonight. For those of you tingling in anticipation about the soon-to-open “Thoroughly Modern Millie” – or still fondly remembering “Chicago” at VCU – you might want to do the same!

UPDATE: Here's a link to the program on Ms. D'Beck. I DVRed it but haven't watched yet. A boy's gotta have a little anticipation in life...

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Anonymous said...

Saw the D'Beck film--very well done! Thanks for the heads up!