Friday, June 19, 2009

Aloha Means Hello

This weekend Richmond says 'hello' to three big shows: Barksdale and Stage 1 each putting up big cast musicals and the Mill doing a big cast comedy. It seems as though actors who might have been looking at a dry spell this summer are instead going to have their plates full. So that’s a good thing. And theater-lovers afraid of gaps in their social calendars are instead going to have to scramble to see everything that’s showing (particularly with RichShakes “H5” closing so soon and “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” having such a short run).

I’ll be at opening night for “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and am looking forward to seeing Maggie Marlin again; I’m a fan of hers since VCU’s “Chicago” this spring. And of course, I’m a fan of Ali Thibodeau’s at least since I first met her back in “Peter Pan,” but I think even before that going back to the SPARC production of "Cats" (I think she was in that; my memory is getting cloudy as I get old...) Patti D’Beck set the bar pretty high with “Guys and Dolls” last summer so I’m expecting / hoping for big things with TMM.

For folks who were planning on seeing “Summer of ‘42” tonight, you’ve probably heard that the preview is canceled. From what I hear, the child involved in the family emergency is fine; my best wishes go out to the family involved and I hope any scrapes and scratches heal up quickly.

I have enjoyed the artfully rendered photographs from “Millie” (running in a slide show) and “Summer of ’42” (a few examples are on least one is visible on the Stage 1 website) that the theater companies have put together. Theater is a visual medium, after all, and good pictures whet the appetite for the real deal. Recently, I was disappointed that Style wasn’t able to get ahold of a current picture from “From the Mississippi Delta,” a production with some great potential visuals. The picture that Night Light Collective has posted from “Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls” has also increased my level of interest in that production. Frankly, I don’t think anything sells a show about pretty girls better than a picture of, you know, pretty girls.

In other news, both Triangle Players and CAT have published their 2010-11 seasons and Stage 1 promised one last week. Maybe once I see the Stage 1 season, I’ll post my preliminary thoughts about all of these. In the meantime, feel free to lay out your own reactions. Anything you are particularly looking forward to? Anything you have no desire whatsoever to see? Anything you really want to audition for? Anything you saw and went, huh?


elise said...

Copenhagen at Sycamore Rouge had a good opening last night. As part of the Six Blocks Series, it's only running this weekend. Tonight is sold out, but there are still tickets for tomorrow night. Tickets are only $10, so come on down for a great show.

Caroline said...

I'm really looking forward to "Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls". Night Light Collective is promising to be a really exciting producer of independent theatre, and having read the script several times, auditioned for the show, knowing the cast, and having seen a preview at Sycamore Rouge's theatre appreciation party a couple weeks ago, I can say with pretty strong conviction that it promises to be an excellent production. I strongly urge people to support this play and to support independent theatre!

Anonymous said...

Very excited about Stage 1's upcoming season--incredibly ambitious! And looking forward to "Take Me Out" at RTP, postponed from this season to next.

Brad tuggle said...

glad you think I'm pretty dave.

Dave T said...

Brad, you and Adam are both quite fetching.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Copenhagen? WHAT?!

Who knew!

What a great play!

Annie's Blogs said...

So this doesn't have to do with the upcoming seasons but it has to do with your son!

Don't know if you know this already but while I was getting ready to check my email through the UVA homepage, I saw Cooper!! He's in a picture in "The Week in Photos"- clever title, right? Just thought you should know!