Tuesday, June 09, 2009


OK, the official word is finally out. You can read the story of the abrupt retirement of Jennie and Larry Brown from SPARC in Style today.

Personally, I'm holding my tongue because whatever the real story is, I don't know what it is. I do know two of my children have had great experiences in SPARC classes and some of my favorite actors in town are on the staff there. I'm curious as to what's prompted this move, but mostly, I hope SPARC remains strong and healthy and continues to grow, regardless of the shake-up.


Anonymous said...

I'm stunned. I first met Larry and Jennie Brown back in the late 1970's while working as a busboy at the old Haymarket Theatre in Mechanicsville. They have always struck me as kind, caring people with a passion for the art of theatre and the potential of children. I had the pleasure to work with their daughter, Hillary, on stage once and she was a terrific kid who has become a great lady; that's a reflection on her parents, no doubt.

I know absolutely nothing in regards to the "drama" at hand. I can only say that I'm saddened by it. There is no denying that SPARC has grown to be a well respected and vibrant asset to the theatre community that has given the gift of theatre to thousands of young people. That is simply a staggering acomplishment and that too reflects on Jennie and Larrie. I hope they take great pride in that;I feel certain that Jeri is quite proud of them too.

I wish them well in whatever road they travel ahead. Richmond theatre has been better because of them.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around.