Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woe is Wednesday

I know, I know: I suck. It’s one thing not to write anything on ye ole blog. It’s another thing altogether to say you are going to write something and then not to write anything. To use that old politically-incorrect phrase, it’s akin to being an Indian-giver.

Ah well, I can only apologize and move on. Sorry peeps. If it helps, I’ve been spending my few spare seconds to further the local theater cause in my own little way. Honest. We’ll see if it does any good.

Anyway, I’m putting out this little dispatch because I hadn’t linked to Ms. Lewis’s review of “Summer of ‘42” yet (done!). I also wanted to relate my own little theater-related woe which is that I was totally a free agent last night, hardly a responsibility in sight, and itching to go see a show and was confounded that I couldn’t. In particular, I wanted to get down to the Mill or head over to Agecroft and yet, there was no Wednesday show for either “Arsenic” or “Henry.” Phooey. I know it’s impossible for most companies to do Wednesday shows for most productions but, in this particular case, it’s probably going to mean the difference between me eventually seeing one of those shows and not. And that’s unfortunate.

There’s no criticism or judgment implied in this, just honest regret. I guess it also points to another challenge for theater in general: there are only so many nights in the week and weekends are prime social real estate. The combination of competing priorities and limited nights/times that shows are playing means some shows just get missed, even by those (like me) who are highly motivated to see them. Kinda sucks.


Thespis' Little Helper said...

Tsk tsk tsk. Oh, Dave. The "Now Showing" section is looking a bit tired (Arsenic, Daisy, Millie). You act like you have a full-time job, a part-time job, are going to school, and have a family, including a kid that's playing a title character over an hour away! What's up with that! ;)

Lucas said...

FYI - There is a matinee performance of Arsenic and Old Lace this Wednesday 7/1/09 at 2:30pm. There's also a Saturday matinee on 7/11 @2:30pm and a Sunday matinee on 7/19 @2:30pm.