Friday, June 05, 2009

Delta Blues

AART opens "From the Mississippi Delta" tonight and I'm excited to see it. But I'm also relatively exhausted thanks to a crazy week both at home and at work. I'd really like nothing better than to curl up on the couch, drink hot chocolate and Kahlua, and watch some trashy movie tonight. Therein lies one of the more significant challenges for all of the performing arts -- what kind of productions will entice tired, overworked people enough to pry their lazy butts off their comfortable couches and take that trip to the theater (or opera or symphony)?


Theatre girl said...

I don't usually follow your blog, but I was looking for info about "Delta" and saw your post. I enjoyed the show last time and I'm trying to get to see it again. How was it? Did the "smoking" dancer take care of your trashy movie requirement? :)

Dave T said...

The Delta Queen was a bit a surprise, indeed! The show was very good but there were only 5 people in the audience, which was unfortunate. If you're interested in going, get a dozen of your friends to come with you! I'm sure the performers would appreciate it!

Dave T said...

...bit OF a surprise, that is.