Friday, May 29, 2009

The Daily News

Ms. Haubenstock's review of "Chapter 2" is in this morning's newspaper. Perusing the T-D website, I also saw this little item on the small bump in Broadway grosses this past season. That's good news, I think.

If you are thinking forward toward the Tony awards, Sycamore Rouge is hosting a Theatre Appreciation Party on Sunday, June 7th, where you can hang out with like-minded theater lovers, cheer on your favorite actor or production and just have a good time. I've seen it mentioned on Facebook, though it's not on the SR website. You could probably call the company (957.5707) to get the details. Unfortunately, it's the first swim meet of the season for Team Tline so I won't be able to attend. So I'll be doing my low-key rooting for Alice Ripley and "Next to Normal" at poolside.

Y'all have a great weekend!


kb saine said...

Theatre Appreciation Party details:
Theatre Appreciation Party
Sunday, June 7
Sycamore Rouge is hosting a party for all theatre people -a chance for us all to celebrate all that we're able to create together.
Cover is $10/person.

DRESS CODE: Deconstructed Formal Wear

In the theatre: Tony Awards playing on the 'big screen', complete with ballots for everyone, and prizes for those with the most correct predictions!

dl hopkins (the evening's emcee), will be encouraging performances of all varieties from the myriad of theatre productions in our local theatres' past season's shows, during commercial breaks (& there’s promise of a special Altar Boyz sing-along performance!)

In the Bar: Well, there's a bar. a piano. and talented people, including Mr. Roddy Barnes. Feel free!

In the Courtyard: A cash-only wine and beer bar.

In the Gallery: We’re putting together a showcase celebrating all of the productions of all of the region's theatres this past season. (get your sharpies ready!)

In the Lobby: Prom pictures! Really!! Bring your cameras, and have your Facebook account ready!

note from kb: we've got posters & schwag(sp?) from Firehouse, Theatre IV/Barkesdale, Richmond Shakespeare, etc... but if you're reading this & you'd like us to include something from your theatre's past season (or if you have 50 fliers, postcards, stuffs for us to put in gift bags) please contact me so we can make sure everyone is included!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Porter's review of Chapter Two is now up on as well.

A good oppoortunity for Frank Creasy fans to watch him do an excellent leading man turn.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for putting the link to the "Chapter Two" review up where people can read it. This really is a great performance by Frank Creasy and the supporting cast is very good as well.