Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Why the Hell Aren’t I Asleep Edition

Will I ever write more detailed analysis of “The Clean House?” Will it matter if I do? Are these just rhetorical questions?

Monday night is a reading of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” at the Barksdale. What would you rather do on a Monday night? You can Tivo “Heroes” – and then forget to watch it later and be a better person for it. It’s got some great folks in it and it’s directed by that electrifying young auteur Jase Smith. It’s one night only folks.

Tuesday is “Ragtime” at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen for the benefit of Stage 1 with a current Broadway star – Jerold Solomon – in it. A touch of Broadway right here in river city – can you really afford to miss that, either? And there’s dessert and champagne afterwards!

And next Saturday, there’s the Dance/Theater Conversations thing going on at the CACAGA as well. These many exciting events in one week, you’ve got to be thinking Richmond is getting more like New York every day, right?

I am excited that I will at least get to attend one of these three events. Batting over .300 -- can't really expect more than that at this point in the season.

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