Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's a busy morning at the mayo mill but I wanted to at least post links to the joint review of "Hamlet" and "Read.y for Right" and to the recap of the RTCC event, all in today's Style. Please note that my recap was written at 1am after the festivities and that I did not have all of the adjectives at my disposal that really could have done justice to the magical nature of the evening. And, um, the dog ate my original version. And uh, let's see, the sun was in my eyes. And...

Anyway, more on "Read.y" soon.


Frank Creasy said...

Okay Dave - while "The Arties" does sound good, I'll go one futher on a future name for RTCC award: "The Artsies", phonetically spelling out the acronym for RTCC including pluralizing the two C's.

Anyone? Yes? No? Completely idiotic? It's okay, I've been called worse, bring it on!

'Rick Gray said...

I concur with Frank Creasy. "Artsies" is right acronymically, and it has just a soupcon of charming self-deprecation.