Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Rules!

I will get to expounding further on "The Clean House" (was Robin Arthur that amazing? Yes she was!) but until I can, here's a review of Sarah Ruhl's "Passion Play" currently at Yale Rep to tide you over.

And, as Lisa points out in the latest issue of Richmond Marquee, there are a lot of one night extravaganzas coming up that should not be missed. First there's "Dead Man's Cell Phone" on Oct. 6th at the Barksdale -- a staged reading of another of Ms. Ruhl's plays featuring scads of people from "House" as well as "Eurydice." And directed by Jase Smith of "Reefer Madness" fame.

Then there's the Stage 1 "Ragtime" benefit, the rehearsal tape from which is burning up the Internets. That'll be next Tuesday. And then not too far in the distance is the Equality Virginia benefit on Oct. 16th. (Update: Oops! The EV benefit is Tuesday, Oct. 14 -- reception 6:30, showtime 7:30. Sorry for the mistake.)

And of course there's that thing happening on the 19th but I'll just shut up about least for now.


pnlkotula said...

Thanks Dave! Now accepting online payments!!!

Thespis' Little Helper said...

She certainly does! It's truly a shame that Passion Play is now out of print (hopefully only temporarily), but it's as huge as it seems to be from the review and bigger!

Also very nice, as she sent me a copy. I made it through in two sittings (and some walkings), even though I like to knock a play out in one, it's definitely GINORMOUS! And really interesting!

Really sad that I'm not gonna be able to see the reading of Dead Man's Cell Phone. It's a beautiful play, not to be missed, and hopefully someone will pick it up for a full production next season.

Joy W. said...

hey dave,

could you include Driving Miss Daisy under your now showing column??? That'd be great!