Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you ready?

I’m not sure what the asterisk is all about, but I’m heading down to “Read*y for Right” at Sycamore Rouge tonight to find out. They’ve got a full house for opening night, so that should be pretty exciting. So far I’ve only swept into Petersburg and then swept out again for the shows I’ve seen there; I’m looking forward to a calmer time during my life when I might be able to hang out for a while and take in the city’s charms.

But this weekend is certainly NOT one of those calmer times as final preparations are being made for the Critics Circle awards on Sunday. I will once again apologize to everyone who won’t be able to attend. We are already making plans for next year and a venue that will allow everyone (and their mother) to attend should they want to. So stay tuned for developments along those lines.

One thing we don’t have yet is a nickname for the awards. I’ve been kind of hoping something would arise but so far, nada. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them.

Oh, and by the way, my daughter LOVED Richard III, though (because of her age) she was perhaps more tuned in to Eric Evans’ performance than the average adult theatergoer. That boy’s a cutie! We did have a wide-ranging discussion afterwards where she displayed some critical acumen. Hmmm…perhaps this critic thing will become a family business. Though, similar to many actors I’ve talked to about it, this isn’t exactly a profession I would wish on any child.


Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks for mentioning Sycamore Rouge's endeavors on here. They have a really great venue with so much potential. It's so nice to see their visibility increasing in the Richmond theatre community.

Anonymous said...

the RAT-CEE's (rhymes with Yahtzee).

Annie's Blogs said...

Alright, Mr. T, we've been thinking about some nicknames for said award show that we're not invited to.

One option is a simple, "The Cirkees." Or, the Xerxes (give the awards a Persian flair!).

But our favorite is a simple meshing together of the first letters of the title, RTCCA.

So we're suggesting, the Ritcockas. We know that we would like to have the honor of being nominated for a Ritcocka.

You're welcome.

Is this only funny for the 2 of us? Perhaps...

Anonymous said...

to clarify the dot/asterik question: the title should read "read -dot- y for right"
(emphasis: read. why? it's your right.)i think that most facebook/email/random computer systems don't have the 'insert symbol' option, and i notice most people have opted for a period or asterick...
hope that's helpful!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about something like the Rony Awards (Richmond-Tony) or some combination thereof?

Anonymous said...

What about just "The Circles"? It may be a bit too simple, but it references the shape of the award as well as the group of critics. It also brings to mind (or my mind, anyway) that theatre is collaborative & inclusive, embracing playwrights, producers, directors, designers, actors, critics and the audience.

Or the CRI-CI's (pronounced "Chrissies"), for CRItics CIrcle?