Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today: USA Today

One link just leads to another... Somebody sent me to the USA Today site for a story on Stephen Sondheim. I got to cruising and found out that Oliver Platt is going to play the role on Broadway that Scott Wichmann OWNS in this town and that there are interesting new shows opening featuring both young folks and old folks.

Lesson: Cruising is a dangerous -- though informative -- thing.

UPDATE: Did you know that Julie Taymor is directing a film version of "The Tempest?" I didn't until just a few minutes ago. Helen Mirren as Prospera! Genius.


Anonymous said...

And Sondheim will be here with Frank Rich on Feb. 2, at the Landmark. Rich will be here on his own at the Modlin Center on Nov. 10.

Dave T said...

They've actually added another Frank Rich appearance for Sun. Nov. 9 because the 10th is nearly sold-out. FYI!

Thespis' Little Helper said...

Helen Mirren as Prospera makes me think of Dorothy Holland's turn as Prospero in UR's production of The Tempest a few years ago (that also featured Jonathan Spivey as Trinculo, I think, and Aly Wepplo and Durron Tyree as Miranda and Ferdinand...David Bridgewater as Caliban...ANYWAY...)

Dorothy's Prospero (played so well as a man, had I not known she was a woman I think I really wouldn't have known) was awe-inspiring. The rhythm of the speech seems to flow underneath the text like an undercurrent, but never seemed to limit or confine her, but to carry her (his) story forward.

Short version: Wow.

Frank Creasy said...

Yo BC - I also saw that UR "Tempest" and I agree it was a terrific production.

I was especially impressed with Dave Bridgewater's Caliban, and after seeing his absolutely sublime (no other word for it) turn as King Henry IV this summer at Agecroft, I'm hoping to see David do more Shakespeare. I'm not holding out high hope that will happen, but I sure would jump at the chance to see more of him in Shakespearean productions.

Andrew Hamm said...

I wonder if I can convince Julie Taymor to use my music for The Tempest... American Roots guitar and junkyard poet percussion would seem like her style, right? Right?