Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yes, Virginia

Somehow I got it in my head that there wasn’t any new theater opening until Eurydice next week, totally spacing on the theatrical component of “Yes, Virginia – Dance” this afternoon and tonight at Grace Street Theater near VCU.

Sure, my wife wrote about it in this month's Richmond Marquee, and sure, the production of “The Morpheus Quartet” marks the return to Richmond’s stages of the talented Sara Heifetz (not to mention the participation of several other incredible thespians). But as befits a person creeping ever more quickly toward the half-century mark, things fall off the edge of my brain easier than they used to.

So sorry about that “Yes, Virginia” folks. I hope the words that has gotten out via other media folks ends up generating some decent crowds for you. The event sounds, in the words of my wife, like it’ll be “an artistic experience like no other.”

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

;) Thanks for the plug, Dave!

It went fantastically! The concert was full of stellar performances and wonderful people!

"Morpheus" went over particularly well! (I often found myself in rehearsal wondering how I got so lucky to be working with five brilliant women (Kristen Swanson, Jackie Jones, Jen Hammond, and Sara Heifetz).

If you missed it this time, "The Morpheus Quartet" will appear again (this time alongside other pieces from K Dance's repetoire) in Dance- Theatre- Conversations at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen on October 11 @ 7PM.
(And a review of the concert should be appearing in that other publication, rtd, tomorrow or so, which is nerve-wracking and exciting!)