Wednesday, September 03, 2008


…as in fall-ing out of the habit of blogging. Sometimes it happens (particularly as the school schedules -- including my own -- really get into swing). But don’t you worry both of you readers out there, I’m still hard-wired into the stage scene, yes indeedy. How else could I have written such an insightful little diddy about the upcoming season? Just by reviewing the season schedules published by the different companies, you say? Well, perhaps, yes, perhaps.

Of course, the T-D had a more comprehensive preview of “Side Show” last Sunday and Joan at did a piece on Richard III – am I the only one in the RTCC who hasn’t written about R3? It seems I might be. We’ll have to do something to change that. Anyway, I’m not bitter because I’m going to my first First Friday tomorrow so my hipness is about to sky-rocket!

For now, at least Style also did a little Street Talky number about RTP and its move, which I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else in print yet (though it's been blogged about for weeks). So that’s something.

And finally (for now, I’ll be back – promise!), here’s a little piece of wisdom that arrived in my in-box a couple of days ago courtesy of my favorite rabbi. Something to ponder when not worrying about how well the Fall productions are going to sell…

Real success is not on the stage, but off the stage as a human being, and how you get along with your fellow men.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful quote from Sammy Davis, Jr.! (A very critical mantra that can easily be forgotten.)

Thank you for posting that, Dave.

Jacquie O. said...

Hey Dave. Just wanted to let you and the theatre folks know that Henley Street will have a small table at Ada Gallery tomorrow night at the First Friday's InLight fest. We will be selling $1 glasses of wine. Ada is located on the same street as Comfort. I hear this is a First Friday's that is not to be missed! I hope to see you there!