Monday, September 29, 2008

Passing Grades

It was another full weekend, theater-wise, and I had a fine time taking in Henley Street’s “Richard III” and Barksdale’s “The Clean House.” My lovely wife was recovering from a similar kind of crud that had knocked me on my butt earlier in the week so she missed out on the fun. I struggled on without her, however, and had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of folks at both of the shows. It was nice to see a few Richmond Shakespeare actors out supporting Henley Street in their Bard bid. Iambic pentameter really can bring the world together.

It was also great to see a house full to overflowing at Henley Street and a Sunday matinee that looked at least ¾ full at the Barksdale. Bigger audiences = we all win.

As for my fellow critics, Susan liked Scott in “Richard,” but found some elements of the production problematic. Julinda had some positive adjectives for “House” – amusing, poignant – but had some equivocating ones as well, like “illogical.” Not to give too much away before my own adjectives are published but my thoughts coincided to a fairly uncanny degree with my T-D compatriots. More on that later in the week.

One last item: if you pick up the October issue of Richmond Magazine, there's a blurb about the RTCC awards tucked in there. Thanks to Harry K over at the mag for a little ink -- it's appreciated!


Andrew Hamm said...

Few, shmew! Half of the cast of Hamlet was there for Richard III.

Dueling Shakespearean tragedies = we all win. Especially if we have the Moons Over My Hamlet vs. Rickie Thrice bowling tournament James Ricks and I have been talking about for months.

Congratulations to our dear friends at Henley Street on a very successful opening night.

Dave T said...

Sorry, Andrew -- I only recognized you, Ms. Blake and maybe one other person. I didn't know there was a whole coterie of Hamlet-ites. Nice show of support!

Frank Creasy said...

Thanks Andrew for your support, and to what most certainly did account for about half the cast of Hamlet. We will find some time soon to both socialize and then to return the favor upon the close of our show by bringing folks to see Hamlet.

Dave, we appreciate you and Susan H. and the many others who helped fill the house opening night, whether on duty or for the love of theatre (hopefully, a little of both!) The audience has embraced the production and we're very pleased with the results of all the hard work that went into this show.

I also send best wishes to the cast and crew of Clean House - I would have been there opening night but for Richard III, though I expect in a few weeks I'll be able to patronize several productions once again.