Saturday, September 20, 2008


So the Fall season has exploded in this past week, overwhelming the little likes of me. Susie fawned over “Four Queens” in her Friday review but I didn’t answer my bigger question: what was Highwater like as a venue? As reviewers often have to do, she packed her insight into that issue in the word “comfortable” which is certainly better than “cramped” or “awkward” or “spare.” I guess it would be my job, given a more expansive realm for rambling, to fill in some details. But I haven’t made it down there yet so that’ll have to wait.

The show I’ve been hearing all sorts of buzz about has been "Eurydice," which Susie also liked. I personally can’t wait to see Joe Inscoe on stage again and the rest of the cast is pretty darn fab as well. Apparently, John Porter did a WCVE review of this show but there’s no audio clip of it that I could find on the “Idea Stations” site.

“Driving Miss Daisy” also opened this weekend and I haven’t heard word one about it yet. I hope Susie’s review will come out tomorrow. It’s great that Jim Bynum is back on stage for that production. We’ve missed you, Jim!

So many shows! Just another reason fall is my favorite season.

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An mp3 of John Porter's "Eurydice" review now appears on WCVE's website at