Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unlisted Properties At Firehouse Tonight

It's Tuesday after St. Patrick's Day and you hate to see the momentum of a night out on a Monday end for the week until Thursday...Well then, you can get over to the Firehouse Theatre tonight and see Jase Smith and Lauren Mirinelli's Thesis project, "Unlisted Properties". "Unlisted Properties" is described in a tag line on the program as "an Exploration in Solo Performance" but it is also an exploration of the bondage of women in America in the previous two centuries.

It is short, 40 minutes long, and is designed as a finished product but also as a tool to help train acting students to create their own solo performance shows. The cool thing about seeing it now is that the audience gets to give their opinion of the production after the show in order to help Jase and Lauren perfect the show for its presentation to their thesis committee.

So go get your theatrical critic on and help Jase and Lauren out while being intellectually stimulated by the thought provoking work they have created.

Firehouse Theatre tonight (3/18) at 8:00pm, tickets $10.00 for most people $5.00 for students.


Anonymous said...

So you want me to pay ten bucks to see some college students work out their crap?

Anonymous said...

Actually this performance is MUCH more than what you make it seem. The proceeds are going to a local charity and this makes it even better. It sounds like YOU have some crap you need to work out-and very soon please.

Andrew Hamm said...

Great attitude, anonymous. A real theatre lover, you. And continuing the long tradition of sensitive, insightful posts by people without the sack to sign their names to their hate-filled missives.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Mary! The talk backs produced many good ideas to implement into the piece.

As for the "college students work out crap" statement. Why spend your time making negative remarks? You could be using that time to create your own new play!

:-) Jase Smith