Friday, March 28, 2008


It’s a busy weekend for openings: CAT opened Harvey on Wednesday, As You Like It is at Richmond Shakespeare, and Greater Tuna (with a cast somewhat different than originally announced) is out at Hanover Tavern. Three shows will open next weekend as well so there’s plenty to see out there, stage-o-philes. It’s springtime – a great time to fall in love with theater again!

While I’m hyping things, I would encourage those of you who like your live music near as much as your live theater to check out a new bee-you-tee-fully designed online publication called 'Playlist.' It’s a categorically complete compilation of cool musical happenings all around the region -- Virginia, DC and Maryland – all presented in a groovy style. The editors/designers are shooting for a webpage that looks and feels like a real hardcopy magazine, and I think they largely succeed. Turn to page 20 if you want to read my short piece on the band “Over the Rhine,” which will be at the Capital Ale House next month, and then to page 31 if you want to see a pretty goofy picture of yours truly. I couldn’t find the picture I used during my brief stint at 64 magazine – a surprisingly sexy looking pic that had only the vaguest resemblance to me in real life – so I had to rummage through beach shots from last summer for something quick. Oh well.


Anonymous said...


Over the Rhine is from Cincy and they are a GREAT band! They play in Lex Vegas quite a lot and when I directed Stop Kiss out here with Sara J in 2004, I used some of their music in the show...Go check them out, you will have a good time!!


Anonymous said...

The 2-man cast of "Greater Tuna" includes Joe Inscoe, well known to Richmond audiences, and David Clark, whose recent stage credits include "Scapino" at Barksdale - Willow Lawn, and "No Sex Please, We're British" at Barksdale - Hanover Tavern.