Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Comedysportz is Theatre Too

FYI: The Art Cheerleaders will be performing with the IPROV this Friday night, March 28th, at the 10:00pm show at Comedysportz on Staples Mill in the Dumbarton Square Shopping Center. So come on down after your rehersals and shows and scream out some creative nouns to be converted into songs.

The AC's are also opening for Slash Coleman's PBS special that is taping this weekend. You can all say you knew me when I couldn't spell on the theatre blog.

I look forward to IDR at Richmond Shakespeare this Thursday- look for a review in STYLE soon.


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Andrew Hamm said...

Technically, Thursday is a preview and tonight is an IDR. But I'll let it slide this time.

And yes, ComedySportz is theatre! Get your butts out there to see the awesomeness that is iProv!