Thursday, March 27, 2008

News and Notes

There’s so much to report on the national theater scene, it’s hard to get to it all. Just in the past few days, I’ve read about Rent getting an extension to Sept 7 based on suddenly increased ticket sales, Clay Aiken’s stint running down in Spamalot, and Virginia's own Signature Theatre’s notable premiere, “Glory Days,” moving to Broadway.

But two things above all others have got me jazzed. First, it finally filtered down to me through all of the other media chatter that there’s a Broadway revival of “Godspell” planned for this summer. How did I miss this? I am both excited and wary about it. I figure there will be little hope that I will avoid spending a ridiculous amount of money to get really good seats for this (for my whole tribe of 6) and I just really hope it’s a good production.

Then, I also read preliminary reviews of “Home,” Julie Andrews new autobiography. I’m not usually a big biography fan but this one is supposed to be good. It focuses on her early years in theater, before big screen fame. And I’ve always been infatuated with Ms. Andrews – she being one of the only reasons I could bear watching “Sound of Music” several times a week for a couple of years during my eldest daughter’s infatuation with the movie. So after my school’s out in a month or so, I believe I will find a place for this book on my already overcrowded nightstand.

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