Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good things to come

A few posts ago, I made a coy reference to out-of-towners coming back to appear in local productions. I exchanged emails with my pal Judi at Barksdale today and had it confirmed that former Richmonder Susan Sanford will be returning from Los Angeles to appear in “Little Dog Laughed.” So THAT’S cool! Can we find something good for her extremely talented husband (one of my favorite Hamlets ever…) to appear in while she’s in town?

In other great casting news, I’m very excited about the folks who’ll be appearing in “Peter Pan.” After an exceptional Peter (which Ford Flanagan will certainly be), I think the most important thing in “Pan” is a great Hook. And Theatre IV’s production will feature Robert Throckmorton in the role – someone who has delivered dozens of truly memorable performances during his long local tenure. Theatre IV is preparing some great scenery that I’m sure he will be chewing all to pieces once the show opens! His right hand man, Smee, will be played by Richard Koch who had a small feast of his own in the recently closed “Rumplestiltskin’s Daughter.”

The production will also feature a relative newcomer, Christine Schneider, as Wendy and, though I’ve only spoken to her briefly, she seems adorable. And of course, there’ll be that cute little Timberline punk hanging out on stage again. I believe he’ll have fewer lines involving “wee wee” this time.

I’ll also be looking forward to hearing who’s going to be in the Mill’s “Once Upon a Mattress.” The only play I’ve actually appeared onstage for in my entire life was my high school production of “Mattress.” I had one line (something like “get a rope!” – I can’t really remember) and the director wisely placed me next to the best and loudest singer in the cast so you couldn’t hear any of my “singing.” If I happen to review the show and make a special mention of “second knight from the left,” now you’ll know why…


Anonymous said...

The cast of Swift Creek Mill's "Mattress" includes Audra Honaker, Brett Ambler, Joy Williams, Jason Marks, Michael Hawke, Durron Tyre, Derek Phipps, Katrinah Lewis, Matt Polson, Audrey Snyder, Taylor Baltimore, David Janosik, Lucas Hall, Liz Blake, & Amy Kaeberle. Now you know!

Princess Crabass said...

You don't know the Mattress cast yet? Here are a few...

Audra Honaker - Winifred
Brett Ambler - Dauntless
Joy Williams - Queen Aggravaine
Sir Harry - Matt Polson
Lady Larken - Katrinah Lewis

... and a bunch of others.

Dave T said...

Thanks! Looks like a great cast!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we all could have guessed those top 3 leads in Mattress..the same usual folks. Sigh. You are missed on stage, Robyn!

Anonymous said...

If "sigh" means disappointment, I don't understand. The "same usual folks" are obviously the most talented folks in the area for the roles. I very much look forward to their performances. And I don't miss Robyn. I look forward to and appreciate the shows I am able to watch her perform in.

Thespis' Little Helper said...

That's a scary comment thread to touch.

I saw The Late Henry Moss last night. Kudos to Firehouse. There was some really incredible [insert word that I can't find, due to awe] stuff going on in that production!

Par for the course, I didn't grasp it completely (Anyone in the area up for teaching a class on Understanding Shepard?), but it didn't seem to matter!

There were so many moments that were crackling! Those moments of "This is why I go to the theatre."

Totally deserved a standing ovation (I'm such an a** for not).

Congrats to all involved!

And thank you.

hoosier steve said...

I think it mostly comes down to hating his dad, that is about it.