Monday, May 10, 2010

Media Bonanza

This weekend, the Times-Dispatch featured both an enthusiastic rave about Henley Street's "A Doll's House" and a fine preview of "Sound of Music," focusing on the children starring in the production. It's quite a band of kids and they're working their tales off getting ready for opening night on Friday.

Also, sometime in the last week or so, the local edition of "Skirt!" appeared with a nice piece on the lovely, talented, and simply delightful Ali Thibodeau, who will be Liesl in "SOM." It's on the newstands but I couldn't find the article on their website. Perhaps it'll show up soon.

Media coverage abounds! And I am hopeful my review of "Is He Dead?" will appear in Style this week. I guess we'll see!

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'Rick Gray said...

Dave, I hope you will make it to Sycamore Rouge for "The Crucible", which closes Saturday. Too late for a review, of course, though Style Weekly seems to be moving toward "previews" lately.

Still, you are an Artsie nominator, and there are some performances - particularly by female actors with whom Richmond critics and audiences are less familiar - which really should be seen.

'Rick Gray