Friday, May 07, 2010

"Entertaining and Provocative"

Those two words pretty much encapsulate what I consider good theater. And, according to Ms. Haubenstock with the T-D, that's what you can expect from RTP's "Take Me Out." 'Nuff said, as far as I'm concerned. Any technical concerns notwithstanding, it sounds like this one's a Must See.

If you want to see Night Light Collective's stealth production of "Alice in Wonderland," you better act fast. According to what I read on Facebook, the first weekend of the run is sold out.

And speaking of entertaining and provocative, I finally got around to reading last Sunday's Washington Post and enjoyed this mildly snarky, but also well-articulated review of the state of Broadway. It makes me think that a similar overview of the state of local theater is due, especialy since announcements of next season's plans are coming fast and furious these days. Sounds like a pitch to an editor is in the offing...

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