Friday, May 14, 2010


So this weekend the Barksdale opens two big shows – “Crowns” in partnership with AART and “The Sound of Music” in partnership with itself, i.e., Theatre IV. Both of these should draw some big crowds. At least, I hope they do.

However, there are a whole slew of shows going on already (take a peek to the left for a list), and they certainly deserve your attention before they close up shop. I’ve heard many raves about Sycamore Rouge’s “The Crucible” and there are only a couple performances to go. Mr. Porter at WCVE recently raved about RTP’s “Take Me Out” and “Animal Farm” at the Mill seems like it might slip under people’s radar (and in case anyone’s wondering, I’m not the ‘Dave’ who commented on Ms. Haubenstock’s review. I don’t think Orwell’s book is a dreary topic – though I think a good adaptation of ‘1984’ might make for more theatrical fun.) And BTW, did “A Grand Night of Singing” at the Mill ever get a review? I never saw one.

(UPDATE: DUH! Of course, I saw one. As was pointed out to me -- thanks Joy! -- the link to the left pulls up the T-D review. So I saw it but it promptly fell out of my overcrowded brain. Sorry about that!)

Finally, thanks to Mr. Wichmann for alerting me to Aaron Sorkin’s article that wades into the whole Newsweek hubbub. It’s an interesting take. I see his point about the ridiculous celebrity-hungry culture – I tried to allude to it in my ramblings on this topic – but to me this is almost an argument that runs parallel to the original one. It’s also ironic to me that, if you go to the Entertainment section of Huffington Post where I found the Sorkin piece, the majority of the articles are all about salacious details regarding the personal lives of “stars.” It’s like a disease.

And in even more breaking news, the author of the original article has apparently accepted an invitation to hang out on the “Glee” set. Hmmm… I’m wondering what I could write to land me a similar invitation! I'm also wondering (i.e., hoping...) that this particular little drama has played itself out.

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Joy W. said...

Hey Dave,

A Grand Night For Singing is great!! I saw it at a very full Saturday matinee with my mother last week. I believe Susan reviewed it...I just clicked on the title on your blog and a review popped up...anyway, the cast sounds great, the orchestra is gorgeous and lush . Hope you get a chance to see it...take your mom, she'll love it!