Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dynamic Duo

There are scads of couples in town where both members are heavily involved in theater, couples that you can refer to just by first names: Joy & Eric, Debra & Joe, Robyn & Ginnie, etc., not to mention the recent knot-tiers Liz & David (congrats, Mr. and Mrs. White!) But this weekend it’s all about Jen & Scott. The gorgeous Jen Meharg peers out from the cover of this month’s Belle magazine as part of promoting Henley Street’s production of “A Doll’s House,” which is also previewed in this week’s Style. The Belle piece sports the byline of someone near and dear to my heart and I’ll link to it as soon as it’s available via the Style site.

Scott Wichmann is directing Richmond Triangle Players’ “Take Me Out,” a show that hasn’t received as much media attention but should benefit from great word of mouth, given the nubile young flesh that will be on display. This baseball-centric show seems like a truly original story and Scotty is the perfect guy to direct it. The show opens tonight and I’m anxious to see it (and not just for the nubile young flesh).

And if you happen to be in the downtown area for a show – taking in one of the last performances of Firehouse’s “Sex Drugs Rock & Roll” or either of the shows mentioned above, I’d recommend stopping into Tarrant’s on Broad Street for dinner, a drink or one of their amazing desserts. My beloved and I stopped in for a brief celebratory drink (19th anniversary!) last week and were delighted to see the always-charming Russell Rowland behind the bar. The black-n-tan he made me was delicious and the dessert we shared was pure decadence. (Clarification: Holly and I shared the dessert, not Russell and I. Grammar: oy!)

Congrats to Jen and Scott on what should be a very busy but very satisfying weekend!


John Knapp said...

Check out Scott's interview for Take Me Out.

Frank Creasy said...

Though I think we all understood the sharing of the dessert (hope so anyway), I appreciate the specificity of your clarification, Dave! It's a great language when we use it properly, though so few make such a concerted effort!