Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Fever

Another flurry of shows is getting ready to open in the next two weeks, starting this weekend with Richmond Shakespeare’s “Elizabeth Rex” and Barksdale’s “Butterflies are Free.” Next weekend, Sycamore Rouge, Firehouse and Barksdale/Willow Lawn will be opening shows. Sneaking in there will be “The Who’s Tommy” at Theatre VCU – opening tomorrow night. It’s not a professional show but I’m recommending it to anyone and everyone because there is a boy near and dear to my heart playing the young Tommy. Eric Stallings – a standout in last year’s “Altar Boyz” at Swift Creek Mill – will be the grownup Tommy and the show is going to be a technical whiz-bang, based on what I’ve seen in rehearsal.

For those who might wander back here after my long absence, I can’t promise that the blogging will continue. Beyond my usual general crazy busy-ness, I’ve had a little bit of a crisis of faith as far as Richmond theater goes. Some of the reasons for that may or may not show up here in the future. In the meantime, like so many other things, it’s one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you writing again, Dave!!

And now, of course, you've opened the can of worms of curiosity as to what you've lost faith in in regards to Richmond theater. I hope you'll share with us some of your thoughts when you feel the time is right. The only way we can know how to make the theater community better is by knowing where the problems might be!

Anonymous said...

Does the crisis have anything to do with Style not printing or posting reviews? Haven't seen one yet for Last Summer at Bluefish Cove. It was a brilliant performance from Kathy Parker and the rest of the cast.

Jacquie O. said...

I saw the unofficial IDR of Tommy tonight and I must say Cooper is such a professional. The role calls for amazing amount of concentration. And I never saw him lose his focus. And when he finally got to sing - well I must admit he stole my heart. Happy opening to Cooper!

Now as far as you not blogging - you know how we are - don't be mad - just remind us to grow up and put on our big girl panties. Sometimes we all need reminding.

Dave T said...

Jacquie -- thanks for the nice comments re: Cooper. I'm glad we're in the home stretch -- this rehearsal period has been a challenge!

And as far as the blogging, I expect it's more about me growing up and putting on my big girl panties than anyone else. Thanks for reminding me!