Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bluefish, etc.

Hey, did anyone go to the Virginia Production Alliance's Master Class on Tuesday? It's a great idea and I wish I had heard about it before it was too late. Cheers to Irene Zeigler, Jennifer Massey, and other Richmond folks for agreeing to share their stories.

An anonymous commenter asks about RTP's "Last Summer at Bluefish Cove." Sorry that Style didn't cover that one but Ms. H at the Times-Dispatch gave it a rave and there's a fantastic review by John Porter at his website . I also have to apologize because I was using old information for reference and didn't realize the show ran through this weekend. I've added it to the "Now Showing" listing.

Speaking of coverage, there's a nice piece on Richmond Shakespeare's Elizabeth Rex in the current T-D and a review of CAT's Radium Girls in this week's Style. And if there was any doubt that there are theater lovers in Richmond, the news that "Wicked" broke box office records should dispel that notion. Maybe?

NOTE: "The Who's Tommy" opens on Friday, not tonight, if anyone was confused by my last post. FYI!

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Jane in Richmond said...

Dave, say it isn't so.

You are the senior critic in town, and no, that does not mean you are older than John Porter.

It was apparent at the RTCC awards, and is so in each review you pen so thoughtfully.

We have such respect for you, even when you may not like a given show; we always know why, and love your civility, wit, and warmth.

We eagerly look forward to your new blog postings, and miss your presence reviewing.