Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rock Rolling

As “The Who’s Tommy” rolls into its final weekend at VCU, it’s interesting to read the reviews and raves about “American Idiot” on Broadway. The two shows seem like they may be similar in many ways: kick-ass songs, great staging, soaring performances, but some narrative rough spots. I was ambivalent about “AI” but am feeling more than a little compelled to try and see it now.

On the other hand, by most appearances “Spider-Man: The Musical” continues to flounder, what with Alan Cumming dropping out of the project now (never really saw him as the Green Goblin anyway but, oh well…) I continue to vacillate between hoping against hope that this project actually makes it to the stage and wondering why they still keep trying.

Sycamore Rouge opens “The Crucible” this weekend so check it out. This production has a huge cast filled with some folks new to the Rouge stage but familiar to Richmonders (Jeff Cole, Stephen Ryan, Rick Gray, etc.) Worth special mention is the appearance of the doyenne of Richmond theater, Una Harrison, as Rebecca Nurse.

Finally, I wrote about “Tommy” a while back and mentioned the choreography without mentioning the choreographer. The lovely and talented Bethany Lynn Emery was the one who came up with the steps and she did an exceptional job, IMHO. Sorry for leaving her out before. My bad.

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