Monday, April 12, 2010

Names in the News

It’s so cool to see a picture of the lovely (Richmond born and bred) Emily Skinner on Playbill’s site, particularly in connection with an announcement that the Chicago production of “Billy Elliot” will be running through October (at least). Congrats to Emily for an extended run of what sounds like a great translation of the Broadway hit.

Also, in “named shows” news, here’s an item sure to make many people feel old. The original “Annie” – Andrea McArdle – will be playing Miss Hannigan in a production of the musical in North Carolina this summer. Seems like the basis for another theater trivia quiz: can you think of other situations like this that have happened for other shows? A prominent Oliver growing up to play Fagan, for instance? One of the Sound of Music kids playing Maria? Hmmm….

Reviews of the two pro shows opening this past weekend are now linked to in the “Now Showing” section over there to the left. Sounds like Ms. Lewis from the T-D had a entertaining weekend of theater! I was at opening night for “The Who’s Tommy” at Theatre VCU, of course, and had a great time. I won’t offer a complete review – because I can’t really be impartial – but I’ll makes some comments later this week (maybe tomorrow). Come back if you’re interested.


Sue said...

I had the awesome opportunity to see Emily in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. What an amazing performance! I was proud to be a Richmonder!
And Dave - glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave- Congrats to Cooper and all the T-lines on "Tommy". I would like to go back a bit and ask if you were able to catch "The Full Plate Collection" at The Little Theatre a couple of weeks ago and if so, any thoughts? Thanks.

Dave T said...

Here's a comment forwarded via email from the lovely and talented Richard Koch in response to the question about one actor playing a younger and an older role in a show:

I believe carol burnett, who originally played winnifred, later went on to play queen aggravaine in "once upon a mattress".

Jason M. said...

Andrea McArdle, who was the original Annie in "Annie", later played (and has done so several times) the character of "Star to Be" in the same show as an adult. She was also recently announced as playing Miss Hannigan in a production this summer at the North Carolina Theatre in NC.