Friday, January 29, 2010


As Richmond hunkers down for something that might actually resemble the good old fashioned snow storms I used to experience back in ole Clevesburg, OH, various performances are getting canceled or postponed all over town. I'm sneaking into "Servant of Two Masters" tonight and the opening of "The Song of Mulan" is supposed to go on as planned. But the Saturday and Sunday performances of "Mulan" as well as "Servant" and "Crimes of the Heart" -- are all off. What's a theater lover to do on Saturday? Some suggestions:

-- Pull out that old copy of "Chicago" on DVD, both to clear the bland taste that "Nine" might have left behind and also to make up for not being able to get to NYC to see "A Little Night Music" with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

-- Practice a new audition song. You know that Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" is officially a valid audition song ever since "Movin' Out.?" I love that song and it's got everything: uptempo bits, slower parts and all highly dramatic. Just sayin.

-- Listen to all of Seth Rudetsky's decontructions, available at his website.

-- Gleek out on the first episodes of "Glee" also on DVD.

-- Alphabetize your musical soundtracks. Look online for different version of musicals you already own (the Canadian company of "Joseph" anyone?)

-- If you've read everything you'd ever want to read about Shakespeare, read the (still fairly recent) book about his wife, oddly enough called "Shakespeare's Wife."

Any other suggestions?


Jason Marks said...

If you're looking for the 1992 Canadian "Joseph" with Donny Osmond, I have a recording. Would be glad to share! Also have a German recording as well, which is pretty interesting, and actually quite well done.

Dave T said...

Hey Jason! We actually already have the Donny Osmond "Joseph" which is what made me think about alternate versions because we play that one more than the Broadway version. Besides "Les Mis," "Joseph" is the only show we have more than one version of, I think. I'd love to have a couple variations of "Godspell" and possibly a few other shows as well...

Thespis' Little Helper said...

The national tour recording of Godspell is SUPERB! (As was the production) Some fun stuff on the Off-Broadway recording. And the 42nd Street Players recording includes Ruthie Henshall singing Turn Back O Man.

Just a few thoughts. My fave show...which is a bit ironic perhaps.

Hans said...

FYI the sunday Mulan has not been cancelled yet.