Monday, May 18, 2009


I’m still in recovery after this past weekend, which saw the opening of Barksdale’s “I Ought to be in Pictures” and Henley Street’s “True West” (click on the links for the T-D reviews).

But I will mention that, though in a dazed and confused state, I am feeling great feelings of gratitude toward:

> Jerold Solomon, ensemble member of “South Pacific” and former Richmond-area star who was exceptionally gracious in showing my son and I around backstage after the performance on Saturday. Cooper was equally dazzled by the little library & green room area for the actors and individual dressing rooms for the stars as he was by the full-sized Navy bomber in the theater’s fly space. Personally, I could have stayed and talked to the show’s charming star Laura Osnes for a few hours.

> The wonderful people in line – essentially strangers – who moved the stuff we had left in their keeping when we ran over to the Walgreen’s just at the moment that the rain decided to really come down.

> The swell Russian woman with the glittery pink nails at the Skyline Hotel who let us keep our car parked there until 3pm without additional charge (I think it’s hotel policy but still, she was nice about it).

> The nice parking lot attendant off West Ave. who only charged me $8 for Lincoln Center parking when I think she could have charged me $20.

> My lovely wife who rescued Coop and I from the Tire Center as dawn was breaking on Sunday, the left rear tire of my old Subaru being fairly well shredded.

> My awesome boss who has showed great understanding at my distracted and sleepy state of concentration during most of today.

> I also want to thank J.J. Abrams for making the new "Star Trek" movie such a blast. Almost makes up for the frustrating "Lost" finale...

Should sleep ensue at a reasonable hour this evening, perhaps I’ll be able to generated some authentic critical commentary tomorrow….

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