Thursday, May 28, 2009

My colleagues

If you haven’t been over to lately, John Porter’s reviews of “True West” and “I Ought to be in Pictures” are both now posted. A consistent comment on “IO2BiP” in all of the reviews I’ve read has been about the age of actor Matt Hackman, an issue Mr. Miller addressed on the Barksdale Blog which you may want to check out on the highly unlikely chance that you haven’t seen that post yet.

Ms. Tupponce had another one of those career spotlight columns in the paper on Wednesday, this time featuring the Properties Master for Theatre IV. I wish I could find a link to these pieces online but so far I’ve been stumped.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, the Steingold sisters had what for at least half of my family would have been a total “OMG” moment, spotting Adam Lambert during a showing of “Hair” in NYC.

And speaking of OMG moments, I’m a little flabbergasted about the news that Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are going to be in a show together. I can imagine this production being sold out within minutes of ticket availability on sales to women alone…

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