Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A few weeks ago, I was prepared to go into some rant about the hypocrisy of Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons – previously divorced and currently going through a very messy marital breakup amidst allegations of infidelity – and his stated opposition to domestic partner legislation in Nevada. However, fairly well-reasoned rants have been posted elsewhere and frankly, I just didn’t have the energy for it.

Well, now a few weeks later, Gibbons has followed through on his threatened veto and, in another smack across gay folks’ faces, the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 in a decision made public yesterday and immediately decried as illogical.

I still don’t have the energy to turn my frustration about this into well-reasoned prose. But I remain deeply deeply disappointed and will continue to believe that Americans will eventually embrace their better natures and end the institutional discrimination against homosexuals. For a couple of centuries, America asserted that “All men are created equal…” and blatantly, sometimes violently, enforced discrimination against blacks. That phrase also implicitly leaves out women, and gender discrimination still festers in some quarters.

For a country that so assiduously and proudly asserts its belief in freedom and equality, this institutional discrimination is hypocrisy, plain and simple. I know there are all sorts of legal arguments about the specific cases and rulings but, as you probably also know, there were similar arguments about inter-racial marriage. If you don’t “believe in” homosexual unions, just don’t enter into one, OK?

As if by some divine providence, the latest Richmond Triangle Players newsletter arrived at my house yesterday, talking about the progress they’ve made on their new performance space and the challenges they face to complete the process. I can’t do much of anything beyond squawk in protest over what’s happening in California and Nevada, but I can support the local gay-oriented theater company. I suggest you support it, too.


philcrosby said...

And even more remarkable is that Richmond Triangle Players is the only full-time theater with a focus on LGBT issues in the entire mid-Atlantic region -- from Philly to Orlando, they are it. Not DC, not Norfolk, not Raleigh, not Charleston. Just here in little old Richmond!

kb saine said...

david, i sometimes wish there was a "like" button to click on after your posts. thank you.