Thursday, February 05, 2009

Truth in Advertising

The darling young cast of “Children’s Letters to God” was pictured in the T-D today, which warms my proud papa heart. But I’m wondering whether the kind folks over at the Acts of Faith festival are happy about the indication that the show is part of their event. My understanding is that the show is not part of the festival and the T-D would know that if they just read my articles! I’m curious about how that mistake got into print or whether somehow the status of the show has changed??? Not curious enough to make a phone call, mind you, but still curious all the same.

I’m a day behind the news cycle that trumpeted Al Pacino’s casting in a screen adaptation of “King Lear.” I’ve certainly enjoyed Al in the past (though nothing that I can remember since “Sea of Love”) but I don’t see how this adaptation is going to compete with the Anthony Hopkins version that has a particularly knock-out trio of actresses playing Lear’s daughters.

This weekend is chock full of openings. There’s the previously mentioned CLTG plus CLTG’s titular doppelganger, “Children of a Lesser God,” over at the Barksdale plus AART’s return to the scene with “African American Trailblazers.” This last one is only playing for 6 performances over two weekends so don’t dawdle if you want to check it out.

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Stage 1 Theatre Company said...

I'll take this one. Our show, Children's Letters to God, is not part of the Acts of Faith Festival. When we selected the show to be a part of out 08/09 Inaugural Season, we had hoped to be part of this event, but due to criteria set forth to select shows, we were not able to be included this year. I supposed because our show is very faith oriented and coincides with the festival, it would be easy to assume that it is included. Our advertising does not say we are part of the event. We did send out a postcard that states on the back "In support of the Acts of Faith Festival". This was certainly not to trick anyone into thinking we were in the festival, but to let people know that our organization does support it. I ran this wording by several colleagues in the Richmond theatre, and all felt it was appropriate. I apologize for any confusion that was caused.

Children's Letters to God is a wonderful faith-based show for the entire family and I hope that we will have packed housed for the three week run!

--Chase Kniffen
Artistic Director, Stage 1