Monday, February 02, 2009

Sideways Mice

Local stages are hopping! One indication is the two reviews in today’s paper, one for “Sideways Stories” at Theatre IV and for “Of Mice and Men” at the Mill. I brought my whole crew to “Stories” on Friday and will have a review in the next day or two. As is becoming an opening night tradition at Theatre IV, my youngest fell asleep in my arms as everyone else made their way through the autograph line. Luckily for me, this time there was no one around taking pictures so the moment wasn’t captured for posterity (and so won’t show up on Theatre IV’s website).

Potentially lost in the midst of all the mainstage openings around town is the debut of “The Penny Executive” at the Science Museum. This is professional theater for $3 people – can’t beat the price! Particularly if the weather turns cold again (which it’s bound to do), I’d suggest wandering over to the Museum sometime and catching that show. I’m planning on it.

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