Sunday, February 08, 2009


In case you missed them in the Sunday paper, here are links to reviews of AART's "African American Trailblazers" and "Children of a Lesser God" at the Barksdale. Tomorrow, expecting reviews to show up in the T-D for "Children's Letters to God" and maybe a couple on Style's website as well. I'll update this post when they show up.

UPDATE: CLTG link included now. Both the print and online versions have the funky thing with R. Cooper's name. I had always wondered if the middle-name-as-first-name thing would ever be an issue...never realized it would cause formatting problems. Nice review just the same.

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Angela said...

I puzzled over that all Monday morning and concluded: The reviewer was dictating her review over the phone and said the show elicited "laughs and the irresistible 'awww.'" But the connection was bad--or she had a incorrigible New Yorkish accent--and somehow it got written as "R."

I mean, I figured a little Kicker Brown would get some awwwws, but I just couldn't fathom why the editor would think an "R" was irresistible.