Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Floppy White Flakes

I wish there was some punny subtext involving the title to this post but mostly it’s just indicative of what’s falling from the sky as I write this. And as I was raised in Cleveland, nothing warms my heart more than a sloppy, wet, snow-slushy morning. It’s like about 1,000 November mornings I experienced during my youth so I’m a happy little clam right now.

I guess one thing that does warm my heart more is the sudden flurry I’ve noticed (perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough?) of video associated with theater lately. Theatre IV sent out a YouTube clip of “Sideways Stories” with one of their email newsletters, Stage 1 has a great video promo out of “Children’s Letters,” and Grant pointed me to some examples of video Shakespeare. So I am happy to report that I am wrong wrong wrong about theater peeps being wary of video. I’d hardly call this a cavalcade and am a little confused with Mr. Mudge’s assertion that Barksdale does “tons of video.” I can’t dispute that – maybe they do – but if they do, I sure as heck haven’t seen it. Given that I write fairly regular features on theater, shouldn’t I see this stuff if it’s out there? Anyway, I think embracing the new media is a great step.

Also, I’ve fallen behind in the follow-up review department but there is a link over there on the left to Richmond Shakespeare’s “Amadeus” and if you check this week’s Style, there’s an “Of Mice and Men” review. It was nice to see probably half the cast of “OM&M” at various CLTG shows this past weekend, still another heart-warming thing. This keeps up, I won’t need the snow.


Anonymous said...


This may have been mentioned earlier, so I apologize if I'm repeating old info. But Theatre VCU seems to have teamed up with the HD studio on-campus to produce mini-documentaries and features as certain shows have been in development over the last year or two. There was also a great series about ComedySportz within that same series.

Good stuff happening on the video potential front.

Grant Mudge said...


On their blog, their eNewsletter, their Twitter feed, and their Facebook page---where ya been, Dave? Incidentally, botht eh blog and Twitter feed automatically update their FB page. Ours too. Who says theatre people aren't hip? (Bruce's hip crusade revived..)


Dave T said...

I stand (or in this particular case, sit) corrected! I don't Twitter so I've missed that one completely. And I guess I just haven't been paying enough attention -- or maybe just selective attention?