Monday, February 09, 2009

Other Worlds

News from other realms of popular entertainment has my emotions all over the place. I just read that Billy Powell died at the end of last month. Powell, who played for Lynyrd Skynyrd for decades, was the best rock-n-roll pianist bar none and I will now feel a small twinge of sadness whenever I hear one of his killer licks in those old Skynyrd classics.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, I also read today that Shawn Johnson, that peppy gymnast whose positive and unpretentious attitude I found inspiring during the Olympics, will be the youngest contestant ever to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.” So that should be fun.

And the whole Chris Brown / Rihanna thing is just weird and disturbing. Brown is the pretty much the only contemporary artist who has emerged in the past 5 years whose concert I’ve been to, and, from what I saw, he’s a pretty phenomenal entertainer. I’ll be disappointed if he has fallen down the tunnel of “troubled teenage star.”

Just a little break from the “all theater, all the time” format. Back to our regular programming tomorrow!

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Frank Creasy said...

Tuesday's gone with the wind.

RIP Billy Powell, we'll miss you.