Friday, July 18, 2008


Last weekend, a friend of mine gave me some gentle ribbing about the public profession of my crushes in this space (by the way, Happy Birthday, Liz Blake!) As I think I’ve said before and will say again, one of the many reasons I enjoy theater is that I love great actresses, respect them, am in awe of them, find them fascinating, intriguing, uncommonly intelligent and incredibly attractive. And I write that with the hopefully understood follow-on statement that more than 16 years ago I was extremely lucky to convince the most beautiful actress I know to marry me, and so I’m not trolling around looking for a replacement (though I often tell the children I am…)

Anyway, while I love me some actresses, last night was all about the boys. If you are a fan of dark, dangerous and dashing young men, then “Henry IV, Part 2” should be a top-of-the-page addition to your must-see list. Normally, the fiery Tony Santiago (who was so good in last year’s “Spinning into Butter”) would satisfy the hunk quotient for any show but here he is just one of nearly a half dozen pieces of male eye-candy. There’s also Brandon Crowder who has something of a young Brad Pitt (remember him burning up “Thelma and Louise”?) about him and then the wild-eyed Joseph Anthony Carlson, who shows enough naked torso during the evening to set many a heart to racing.

And of course, there is the reprise of Phillip James Brown as Prince Henry, a bit shaggier than last summer but with every ounce of sex-appeal still intact. I’ll have more to say about the show itself in a few days, but Shakespeare notwithstanding, there are a lot of hot, talented men steaming up the Agecroft stage these days. If that floats your boat, I’d rush out and see the show before they catch fire and disappear.


Anonymous said...

Joe Carlson's naked torso alone is enough for me to be there!

Andrew Hamm said...

History play = beefcake. Now THAT'S some Shakespeare audiences can get behind.

Angelika HausFrauSki said...


Brandon Crowder, Joe Carlson & Tony Santiago all in the same show??? Now this I gotta see. :)

It was pretty boys like those three that made my years at VCU so much damn fun. They are all high on my list of extra-marital platonic boyfriends. :)



Oh, and they're talented, too.


Frank Creasy said...

What? No love for David Bridgewater or Daryl Clark Phillips?

All due respect to the "boys"...but what about the MEN???

Anonymous said...

Frank - I'm sure none of these boys hold a candle to your manly "Charles the Wrestler" . . . if only there had been a hunky list for As You Like It . . .

Frank Creasy said...

As if one needed more reasons to love Kerry McGee...welcome back! Thanks Kerry, and thank God I put on that ridiculous costume before I got too big to fit into it! (They wouldn't let me keep the cape, darn it!)

Hey folks, in all seriousness, go and see Henry IV Part 2. Sure, there are good looking men (and a few attractive ladies to boot), but believe me, that's secondary to the beauty of the performances. I'm sure Dave will expand on that in STYLE later, but I attended the Saturday evening show with As You Like It best buds Patrick Bromley and Julia Rigby.

There's much to enjoy in this production, but the word that came to mind in describing David Bridgewater's Henry was uttered by Patrick before I could say it first: Riveting. Absolutely riveting. Besides that, Daryl Clark Phillips' Falstaff commands the proceedings overall and provides yet more acting lessons on top of the tremendous entertainment value of his performance. There's so much more but I'd be here all day describing it.

Don't wait, go and see it.