Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I’ve become more impressed with Playbill’s nose for news these days. You’ve probably heard about the “Ragtime” controversy in Chicago. Playbill was the first to report on it and it was picked up by several other media outlets, including the New York Times.

In the past week or so, Playbill is also where I saw the first report of an exciting piece of news: Spike Lee (one of my favorite directors) will be filming “Passing Strange” for broadcast on cable TV. This is particularly exciting given that I’m afraid that, for all its critical love, the show does not seem like it’ll be playing for an extended run, at least based on its box office numbers.

One additional, minor Playbill item that peaked my interest: Hunter Parrish from “Weeds” will be taking over one of the leads in “Spring Awakening.” Though I am a “Weeds” fan, Parrish has never been one of my favorite aspects of the show. But I have a little more respect for him knowing that he must have at least a half-way decent stage presence (and singing voice) to have landed that role.


pnlkotula said...

Wow, and we have always thought Richmond was behind the times...how long ago did the Dell produce Ragtime? Interesting that it's the same type of venue.

Andrew Hamm said...

Ha ha. Lisa, I was thinking exactly the same thing.