Monday, July 21, 2008

Stressing out

OK, so I'm having a hard enough time handling the fact that there are 5 professional mainstage productions running right now -- at the end of July when sane people are supposed to be off at the beach somewhere. I'm lucky in that I've seen three of them but I'm going to be scrambling to catch the other two.

Then today, I was reminded that the "Parade" benefit concert has its last performance tonight. Love the idea of the show, love the list of performers (Rita...sigh...), would love to see the show, but I just can't make it. Also, both of SPARC's summer productions, "Suessical, Jr." and "West Side Story," start performances this week and I really want to see them as well. What am I supposed to do? There are only so many nights in a week, people!


Anonymous said...

This is very simple, Dave. You make a "Week of Theatre." Tonight, you see "Parade." Wednesday night, you travel to the Henrico Theatre to see "Seussical." Thursday night, you attend the opening of "West Side Story." Then, you're done for the week, and have a date night with your lovely bride on Friday night :) Plus, you also have Tuesday night off, and Saturday & Sunday to look forward to!

Dave T said...

Hmmm...then Friday could be "Shirley Valentine" and then "There Goes the Bride" on Saturday. I like this idea. Can you sell it to my wife?

pnlkotula said...

Well, I will tell you that in addition to all the fine local talents giving of their (our) time, there are some really talented non-local folks in the concert that you may not get to see if you miss it...I'm just sayin'.