Thursday, July 24, 2008

Enthusical about Seussical

Our friend Lisa has kept true to her word and has reported back with her impressions of the Idina Menzel show the other night (hers is the last comment on this post). Sounds like a wonderful performance.

While it isn’t shaping up to be the week packed with theater that was advocated for me, I did manage to trudge through the rain last night and see a performance of SPARC’s “Seussical Jr.” and was happy to have done it. Just a few comments:

Tanner Pippert, who had a small role as one of the Lost Boys in Theatre IV’s “Peter Pan,” stepped up to the lead to play Horton and was remarkably good. He has an excellent voice – strong, unwavering, always on key – and he projected the sensitive and valiant elephant with professional polish. This is a young actor to watch.

There were many other standouts in the cast – Taylor Williamson as Gertrude McFuzz, Annie Hulcher as the Sour Kangaroo, and several more. Eric Pastore, who played Jojo, was having some trouble with his voice but also showed great professionalism by hanging in there and pushing through the rough spots.

One thing I feel I must mention is the excellent performance of an ensemble member of the cast, Allison Gilman, who played one of five “Bird Girls.” This young girl could give some grown-ups lessons in being an engaged and enthusiastic member of an ensemble. Particularly in children’s theater where the talent and attention of the supporting players can vary wildly, Ms. Gilman stood out as being consistently focused, fully committed in her participation in the main action, and a talented and animated dancer. Great job, Ms. Director, Deb Clinton, but next time, can you find a lead role for Allison?

PS: The show's running tonight (7pm) at Temple Beth El and tomorrow (11am) on the Ha'Penny Stage in Byrd Park. FYI!

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Anonymous said...

The show tomorrow morning is actually now at the stage at Dogwood Dell, not the stage at the Ha'Penny. Barbara Brock, director of activities at the Dell, will be there to greet people and guide them to the right location. Come out and see this wonderful production, featuring so many talented young people! And be sure to also get your tickets to "West Side Story" at Maggie Walker Governor's School this weekend, too! Call 278-6767, or buy them at the door!