Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Christmas Carol for Two Actors

And what a great coupla actors! I was kind of jazzed about this production because I figured Grant Mudge would be in it. I can't remember that last time I saw Mr. Mudge onstage and I've always enjoyed his performances. But when you add Jen Meharg in as the second actor, well, that just makes for a real power duo. It's easy to grow cynical about 'A Christmas Carol' after you've seen it a dozen times or so but between this production and the Jacob Marley show at Sycamore Rouge, I'm actually looking forward to two doses of Scrooge this year.


Andrew Hamm said...

I work with Grant every day, and I'm so accustomed to interacting with him as an administrator that I forget sometimes what a fine, fine actor he is. I somehow hadn't managed to see much of Jen around town, either, so her beautiful performance was a delight. I knew from her audition that she would be fabulous, but I didn't know just how much.

I watched the preview of A Christmas Carol for Two Actors last Thursday with a stupid smile on my face that wouldn't come off for hours. It's just a delightful distillation of Dickens' story, and it's about so much more than I remembered.

By the way, there's also live Christmas music (by me) before this week's Friday and Saturday night shows and all the shows of the last two weekends.

Andrew Hamm said...

Apparently, ComedyZportz may be doing an interactive improv Christmas Carol, as well.

Frank Creasy said...

Saw the show myself this past Thursday and it REALLY is a solid, enjoyable production. Both Grant and Jen turn in wonderful performances, though this provides a showcase for Jen unlike few other shows have done for her of late. I sure hope they'll have a good turnout for closing weekend, because it does Dickens justice and then some. Hopefully the article in last Sunday's Times Dispatch will draw more folks.