Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brushing Up

Have you checked out the venue for Richmond Shakespeare’s indoor season? I think what’s coolest about it is that it’s a perfect match for their summer home at Agecroft. The hall is one of the sanctuaries in the Second Presbyterian Church and it’s decked out with beautiful stained glass and wrought-iron fixtures (at least I think they’re wrought iron), all very majestic and Middle English looking. And you can’t beat the off-street parking.

I’m looking forward to the “Julius Caesar” because I’ve never seen it before. Richmond Shakes also seems to have a knack for casting great sidekicks (Ryan Capps as Macbeth’s Banquo, Robin Pierce as Othello’s Iago, Scott Wichmann as just about every character he’s played for them, etc.) so I’m hoping their Brutus does better than Denzel Washington apparently did on Broadway. And in keeping with Grant Mudge’s ongoing attention to keeping Shakespeare relevant in the modern world, the show has a great tagline too: “Think this election year’s a killer?”

I’ve never seen “Doctor Faustus” before either, though I’ve read many versions and variations. “Twelfth Night” is a favorite because of its silliness but even more so because of its darkness. It has always been a play that makes you laugh but in the end, you should be at least a little uncomfortable about some of the things you are laughing about.

Say what you will (yuk yuk), but it looks like some good choices with the potential for some great shows.

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