Sunday, August 13, 2006

Boom boom, out go the lights

This weekend, three of the four main stage shows in town -- a couple of them long-runners -- dropped off the "Now Showing" roster. All of a sudden, there's only one big show buzzing around the boards (yuk yuk). This lull won't last for long with "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" starting previews this weekend and opening next week at Swift Creek Mill. After that, it'll be hard to catch a breath as about 7 big shows open in 5 weeks.

As we gear up for that, Style is putting together their semi-annual Arts issue. I'll be highlighting a few upcoming shows for that and have put in a couple pitches for feature articles down the road. If you have any ideas for an interesting theater-related story (that might just coincidentally highlight your favorite theater company), now is the time to send it over to me.

This past weekend's theater adventures didn't quite go as planned but still managed to catch 1 1/2 good shows. More details to come after I get over the Monday morning hump...

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