Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Isn’t summertime supposed to be the slow time for theater? The time when audiences retire to the beach for a few months so actors can all go off to do experimental theater in the Hampshires?

That certainly ain’t the case in Richmond this summer. Two shows opening last week, two this week, and two more next week. With Hanover folks still demanding “No Sex” at the Tavern – resulting in an extension into July – we’ll soon have at least 7 significant productions running in town at the same time. Is this a scheduling anomaly or is theater really this hot? Is the price of gas forcing people to look for amusements locally instead of venturing beach-ward? Have the Hampshires instituted some kind of out-of-state actor immigration reform?

Whatever the case, we have busy stages all over town, which is a great thing for Richmond theater. It’s a little unfortunate for me personally since I wasn’t able to see either of last week’s openers and won’t be able to see this week’s either. I’m, um, going to the beach…

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