Friday, June 02, 2006

Act 1, Scene 1

So I write about theater for Style Weekly magazine in Richmond Virginia. I used to be moderately tied-in to the theater scene. I used to write for BackStage magazine out of New York and went up to the Big Apple twice a year to see the big productions. Many of my friends and acquaintances were in “the business” and I used to see an average of a show a week.

Well, that was years ago and, while I still write about theater, I spend more time watching my kids’ soccer games than I do shows. And I miss it. I miss seeing the emergence of new talent, tracking the progress a director or actor or designer makes from show to show, having an opinion on most every show in town because, dammit, I’ve seen every show in town.

So this blog is my attempt to do something about it. I hope people interested in theater in Richmond – directors, actors, designers, producers, or simply fans – will post their opinions and insights, as well as scuttlebutt and rumors when they feel like it (though I reserve the right to delete anything that is libelous or just downright nasty). I imagine most input will come in via the Comments section, but also feel free to email me if you’d prefer. If a particular comment seems worthy of highlighting, I’ll pull it from the Comments and put it on the main page.

For my part, when I actually get out to see a show, I’ll post previews of my thoughts (as well as links to my published reviews in Style), any interesting scuttlebutt I come across plus additional theater-related flotsam and jetsam from the recesses of my mind.

I don’t know whether anyone will be interested in posting their thoughts here. But for those that are willing to come along for the ride, welcome aboard!


GirlNextDoor said...

Hey, Dave --

This is Jennifer Massey. Jill Bari told me about your blog page. Very cool. I really like it.

Just a quick comment -- I was browsing through some of the links and I noticed that the Firehouse link is wrong -- it should be .org, instead of .com. I figured you'd want to know.

I would have e-mailed you, but I didn't see a link to your address. If there's one there, I must have overlooked it. Or, if it's not there (and you were serious about folks e-mailing you), you might want to add that to the blog. Unless you're worried about spam, of course.

Anyway, great blog. I enjoyed what you wrote. Have a good day. No need to post this comment. Just saying hey!

Dave T said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the comment! I'll fix that pesky Firehouse link and post my email address in the "Jeers, Applause, etc." post. I've also been by your web site -- very cool!
Take care and I hope to see you on stage again soon!