Saturday, February 20, 2010

Single and Searching

This weekend, I’m essentially functioning as a single parent, which leads to several unique opportunities as well as challenges. Opportunity-wise, there are fewer schedules that I have to coordinate. I was thinking I might take advantage of that and sneak off to a show. I will most likely have a 6 year old in tow, however, and the challenge is that all of the shows opening these days are so grown-up. I’d love to see “Grapes of Wrath,” and I will before it closes, but John Porter's review and its reminder of the 3 hour running time (even before considering some of the subject matter) makes it decidedly not a kid’s show.

Surprisingly, “Othello” is a possibility just because with Shakespeare sometimes the language just flows over a younger child and they just take in the pageantry of a show. RTP’s “Facing East” and the Mill’s “Pete n Keely” are surprisingly similar in this one way: I fear that most of the best stuff (whether searing and emotional, or goofy and comical) would go right over a 6 year old’s head. If I was single and childless for the weekend, I would consider “First Baptist of Ivy Gap” out at Hanover Tavern because I’m partial to shows featuring beautiful and talented actresses. However, while I’m sure there are important lessons imparted by this show, I don’t think my son is ready to receive them.

So I’m thinking my best option might be Sycamore Rouge’s “Jar the Floor,” which certainly sounds grown-up but also accessible for a younger person (if the reviews I’ve read that categorize it loosely as a bit like an African-American “Golden Girls” are any indication). But even as I mull over the options, I am reminded how lucky I am to live in a city where I have so many choices.


vickie said...

Hey Dave,

If faced with the same problem (or not)next weekend, "Awaken the Spirit" our entry into the Acts of Faith Festival, opens at HATTheatre on the 26th and runs thru March 7th.
Would love to have you come out to see one of our shows.
It features great music (Stephen Schwartz) the whole family can enjoy with an incredible cast.

To you forever from me to you said...

my six year old niece watched a three hour production of Hamlet. Also, every audience has been a standing ovation. I've watched the elderly opening bawling using every ounce of energy to rise to their feet. Old and young alike. Also stunning silences at the ends of acts because of the power of images. just saying