Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Au Revoir, Aaron

I got a quick note from Aaron Gilchrist of NBC12 mentioning that he was taking a job in Washington. Richmond’s loss is definitely Washington’s gain. Aaron was more than just a host for the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle awards this year, he was a classy and committed partner in making the event come off well. The famous Forrest Gump phrase about a box of chocolates definitely applies to any “celebrity” you sign up to headline an event. I expect there are some who just show up, stand where they are told, and stick to the script. Aaron truly embraced the RTCC awards, attending last year even when he wasn’t hosting, and bringing many original and inspired touches to the proceedings this year. Perhaps more important than anything else, he was an exceptionally good sport, smart, enthusiastic, not pompous in the least, a joy to work with and approaching everything with a good sense of humor. It also didn’t hurt that was exceedingly easy on the eyes!

I don’t often get an opportunity to tune into the Noon news but, every time I was able to, I was impressed by Aaron’s on-air skills. Next week will be Aaron’s last at NBC12. Please tune in to check out his last days and join me in wishing him well in his future endeavors!

PS: I just realized that I pulled Henley's "A Servant of Two Masters" from the "Now Showing" listing even though it still has a show this Friday. Sorry about that! Also in scheduling news, Richmond Shakespeare usually does staged readings every second Tuesday. However, because of the weather weirdness (I expect), their take on "The Merchant of Venice" starring the lovely and amazing Foleys, will take the stage next Wednesday (Feb. 24). FYI!

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